Dr Karlo Tomicic

Dr Tomicic graduated as a medical doctor in Zagreb in 2005, then specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. His experience in treating patients with severe endometriosis changed his career focus, resulting in moving from reproductive surgery to managing subfertility. Dr Tomicic worked in the University Department of Infertility and Human Reproduction in Zagreb, completing his sub-specialist training in 2019. Helping patients to become parents is Karlo’s professional goal and joy, advising those with the greatest need, who often requiring donor & surrogacy options at home and abroad.

Dr Tomicic moved from Croatia to join SIMS IVF in Ireland in 2021, and joined Familees.Org in Dublin as a Fertility Consultant in 2023, specialising in family building using both donor and surrogacy options. The Marriage Equality Act passed in Ireland was important to Karlo given assisting gay & straight couples achieve family is his passion.