Dr Shane Higgins

An experienced fertility specialist, Shane joined Queensland Fertility Group over twenty years ago, integrating fertility treatment into his practice after specialising in reproductive endocrinology. Having become a fellow in the Royal Australian College of Obstetrician Gynaecologists since 2000, he brings a thorough and thoughtful approach to patients seeking support on their fertility journey.

He is a fertility specialist with a family-orientated practice, and is popular with patients looking for continuity of care from a calm, positive doctor. Shane recognises that infertility is not unique, with one in six couples experiencing trouble falling pregnant naturally, but his approach to each patient is. By tailoring a treatment plan with advanced technology such as IVF, or a more holistic and simple approach such as ovulation induction, Shane is committed to helping you have the best possible chance of parenthood.

Shane can offer the complete services of caring for you from initial fertility investigations right through to pregnancy and delivery at the Mater Mothers’ Hospital.