Francine Marques

Fran was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer at age of 31, which required an ovariectomy and a hysterectomy. Two surgeries were followed by 5 months of chemotherapy. She and her husband didn’t feel comfortable pursuing surrogacy until Fran was 5 years post-cancer diagnosis. They first saw a fertility specialist in Aug 2019, and soon started looking for an egg donor and a surrogate. A friend Tiff offered to donated her eggs, and they completed embryo creation in Sept 2020, with 8 perfect little embryos frozen. In Oct that year, they met a surrogate, Jo, who offered to carry in February 2021. They received approval in Oct 2021 and had a first (and, luckily) only transfer in Nov 2022. Their baby girl was born in July 2022, and they couldn’t be happier. They live in Melbourne and their surrogate, Jo, lives in Melbourne too.