Julie Laherty

Julie was a surrogate n 2019 and gave birth to baby Lottie in May that year. Surrogacy was something that Julie had been contemplating and researching for about 6 years. Julie connected with one couple and after several failed transfers those IPs decided not to continue. Feeling like she still had something to offer and not wanting to give up, Julie embarked on her second journey with another couple that she had formed a friendship with through the website. Sadly the first 4 transfers didn’t take so a change in Fertility clinics and Julie was pregnant on the 2nd transfer. After multiple drugs, blood tests, ultrasounds, needles, 10 embryo transfers and a lot of grit and determination, Julie was finally pregnant…..40 weeks later, Lottie Juliet was born. For Julie, this experience will forever remain one of her greatest achievements.