Laura Beecroft

Laura is a single Mum of two living in Taupo. She met her recipient intended dads only two years ago. They are from Auckland and wanted to use donor embryos – the first time this was allowed in New Zealand for surrogacy. Aged 39, Laura commenced what has been the most amazing, crazy and sometimes frustrating two years of her life . The first embryo transfer failed, but the second one stuck and after a great pregnancy in late December 2022, Laura went into labour – it required an emergency c-section but she gave birth to a baby boy – Beau . Laura maintains a close relationship with Beau and his Dad’s. Her own children also adore them.

A devoted Instagrammer, at one point Laura had 3000 people following her journey. She is keen to advise and help other surrogates and IPs. Check out her Instagram page – theirbabymybody