Michael Thomas

Michael and Brendon first decided to investigate Surrogacy in November 2015 when hosting their first teenage International Exchange Student was coming to an end, . After hearing about Growing Families they went online to find there was a seminar scheduled in Perth the very next week. They signed, went along and never looked back. The process for Surrogacy in Canada began that night when they got home. They signed up with CFC, Egg Helpers and Hope Springs Fertility Law within days and soon found an Egg Donor to join their team. Just over a month later on January 1st 2016 they matched with their first Surrogate. Weeks later that didn’t continue due to personal things going on in their Surrogate’s life. During their wait they decided to work with a US clinic to make embryos. They spent the next 5 months getting to know their Egg Donor and in April 2016 met their Surrogate and were pregnant later that year after the first transfer. With their baby born in July 2017. In 2019 they started Journey 2. Michael will share what they learned along the way!