Nichola Lambie

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2021-07-13 at 01:02:44

Te Aka Matua o te Ture | Law Commission is Aotearoa New Zealand’s independent law reform body. They are reviewing surrogacy law, regulation and practice in Aotearoa New Zealand. Nichola will lead a session  exploring some of the key options for reform the Commission is seeking feedback on as part of its public consultation process. For more information about the Commission’s review and to register for updates visit The Commission will be reporting its recommendations for reform to the Government in 2022.


October Seminar

Inspiring StoriesTotally inspiring stories abound in the Australian surrogacy & donor communities about the journeys taken by intended parents and the surrogates who assist them in the Aussie October Seminar series may sell out. For me, there is huge joy in being able to help hopeful singles and couples to create family. Some of them […]

Giving Food to the hungry; Hope to the needy; Life to a baby Together keeping babies healthy as only breastmilk can. I am excited about being involved with Growing Families. I have already had the privilege of helping many intending mothers prepare for breastfeeding by assisting them induce lactation. It has been wonderful to support […]

How ‘twinning’ Facebook emojis connected a couple to their surrogate When Mark and David began their surrogacy search, they had no idea something as simple as a Facebook comment could lead them to their dream of starting a family. For many couples and individuals who find themselves in need of a surrogate, it can be […]