Nick Wray

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2021-01-28 at 03:18:06

Nick is a 49 yr old single dad via surrogacy in Colombia. His child was born in Bogota on 3 August 2020 amidst the Covid pandemic. Nick will discuss his experience of the Colombian surrogacy process from start to finish, including egg donor selection, childcare post birth and travelling internationally in the Covid era


Many intended parents need to travel abroad in the coming weeks and months for the birth of their child(ren) via cross-border surrogacy. Chinese healthcare authorities now have the best understanding of Co-Vid-19, how it spreads and how to prevent this. Note that animals cannot spread the virus. If you are travelling to a high risk […]

While Hong Kong, Bangkok and Sydney are popular destinations for Family Building and for a good quality IVF, increasing numbers need a surrogate and such services are harder to access. Yet a global audit of surrogacy agencies in 2018 showed China to be in the top three user nations of cross-border surrogacy globally. In the […]

In this difficult time, Growing Families is providing an update on current travel restrictions which will impact intended parents travelling internationally for embryo creation or the birth of children. OVERSEAS TRAVEL FOR BIRTHS (updated as at 4.30pm 22 July AEST) You need to consider Whether your local authorities will allow you to leave your home […]