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Nino Datiashvili

by devuser

Posted on 2019-08-12 at 07:29:26

Nino is a doctor and public health professional. She is also a Lecturer and Entrepreneur with 12-years experience in marketing and healthcare management. She studies medicine at Tbilisi State University and completed her MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.  Now, working at Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine – Reproart , she sees marketing as a bridge between healthcare organizations and the patient to offer patient-centric systems and services. In her opinion, every couple has the right to become a parent and she helps infertile couples to fulfil their dreams of parenthood.


There are thousands with health or fertility issues or a lack of the necessary anatomy that might once have prevented them raising a genetically connected child. Not anymore. When Film-maker and activist Lance Black and Tom Daley announced they were going to be dads via surrogacy in the UK press, there had been mixed reactions. […]

I am the Director of Growing Families and a dad via surrogacy and egg donation Its Sunday 24 October and I am in Sydney Australia on Day 9 of 14 days hotel quarantine. Why am I here you may ask? I’ve just returned from two weeks of face-to-face meetings with parents, surrogates, doctors,  surrogacy professionals […]

The issue of COVID-19 vaccine administration in pregnancy is a really contentious topic. Various professional organizations have offered guidance that has ranged from a strong endorsement of receiving vaccination to a more cautious stance. Evidence is showing that pregnant women are a high-risk category. What this means is if surrogates contract Covid and this develops […]