Paul Hadfield

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2022-09-16 at 10:23:11

Paul was a single guy when he engaged in Egg donor surrogacy in the USA in 2020. He worked with Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine. His daughter Samantha was born on 9 July 2021 in Idaho. As both Australia and the US closed their borders and flights, Paul had to navigate a way to travel to the US  to be there in time for the birth and more importantly, to bring his daughter home. He did this with the help of Growing Families


While Hong Kong, Bangkok and Sydney are popular destinations for Family Building and for a good quality IVF, increasing numbers need a surrogate and such services are harder to access. Yet a global audit of surrogacy agencies in 2018 showed China to be in the top three user nations of cross-border surrogacy globally. In the […]

This guest blog is from Karen Holden at A City Law Firm. Getting advice early and being prepared, can help you have a smooth surrogacy journey, but if it goes wrong it’s not the end of the journey. Traditional Surrogacy in the UK. There are numerous pitfalls of undertaking your surrogacy journey in the UK. […]

______________________________________________________________________________ Preliminary studies from China show no evidence that if a surrogate was infected with Co-Vid-19 she would pass it on to the child she births. Additional Time Off Work for Your Surrogate Some intended parents may want their surrogate to take additional time off work or work from home. The former may incur significant […]