Rich Vaughn

Rich combines his passion for family formation with 20 years of experience in business and technology law. He has been published in the American Journal of Family Law and the Australian Family Law Journal; he has lectured at numerous legal and family-building conferences around the U.S.;  and he has been featured as a fertility law expert on National Public Radio, Parenting Magazine Live, and other radio shows. He is also an experienced fitness instructor, triathlete, a former paramedic, and board member of a medical device company. Rich and his husband are the proud parents of twin boys, through egg donation and surrogacy.

In addition to his busy legal practice, Rich devotes numerous volunteer hours to advancing the field of ART law and is a dedicated advocate for LGBT intended parents and families. His community service includes chairing the American Bar Association (ABA) Family Law Section Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology from 2013-2018, which played a leading role in developing model legislation to assist states in regulating assisted reproductive technology medical providers and donor and surrogacy agencies and providing guidance on resolutions approved by the American Bar on cross-border parentage and surrogacy issues as well as citizenship for children born abroad via ART to U.S. citizen intended parents.

Complimentary One on One Consultations are available during the event. To book please email Rich: [email protected]