Sassy Scott

Scott O’Halloran, better known through his and his brother Luke’s hilarious podcast “Luke & Sassy Scott” have become the most relatable siblings in the world. The world has been watching as they have accumulated more than 5.6 million followers across social platforms and over 1 billion views in just 2 years. Their varied audience grows daily from Selena Gomez, their new best mate, to a family in the Ukraine once messaging them from bomb bunkers during the war saying, ‘Thank you for distracting our family and bringing so much joy and happiness in such difficult times’. 

But when Scott & his partner Marcus Sellen were ready to have a family, they turned to Growing Families for support. Scott will detail their incredible six year rollercoaster ride through the US surrogacy landscape including COVID, Abortion laws changing, who and how to follow and trust the process, whilst so much can change! Their outcome – gorgeous twin boys.