Tamati Coffey

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2019-12-04 at 04:11:51

Tamati Coffey and his partner Tim Smith had their baby Tūtānekai by gestational surrogate in July 2019. It was a long process that started many years earlier, but they were dissuaded by the cumbersome process. In Nov 2019, they completed the process by adopting their Son in line with the current legal framework. As a Member of Parliament, Tamati Coffey has lodged a members Bill to streamline the surrogacy process for couples in the future.


While Hong Kong, Bangkok and Sydney are popular destinations for Family Building and for a good quality IVF, increasing numbers need a surrogate and such services are harder to access. Yet a global audit of surrogacy agencies in 2018 showed China to be in the top three user nations of cross-border surrogacy globally. In the […]

The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed it will be possible to provide permission for foreign citizens to enter Georgia during travel ban provided that their embassy contacts MFA Georgia with the following information: Intended Parents full name, Passport Number and copies of their passports. Name and registration number of the IVF clinic (for New Life […]

Mothers Milk Bank Charity

Giving Food to the hungry; Hope to the needy; Life to a baby Together keeping babies healthy as only breastmilk can. I am excited about being involved with Growing Families. I have already had the privilege of helping many intending mothers prepare for breastfeeding by assisting them induce lactation. It has been wonderful to support […]