Hey Guys – Australian Women Need Your Sperm

Written by: Sam Everingham

Many of us have benefited from egg donors to have a family – now its our turn to give back by becoming a sperm donor. Over the past couple of years, Australia has seen sperm donor waitlists escalate because of the pandemic. We’ve also seen increased demand for sperm, with increasing numbers of single women having babies.

Life. Pass it On. aims encourage guys to donate. Growing Families is supporting the campaign and would ask all gay dads and intended dads to consider being a sperm donor. If you are in NSW, VIC, QLD or TAS, you can read more here https://www.ivf.com.au/become-a-sperm-donor

And watch this video

This article was written by:

Sam Everingham

Sam Everingham is the founder of Growing Families. He has extensive global networks with surrogacy researchers, families, agencies, and reproductive specialists, and has been helping couples and singles with their family building journey for over a decade. He is a regular media commentator and has co-authored articles on surrogacy in several reputable journals.

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