Growing Families Social Media Support Groups

We constantly receive feedback from Intended Parents that the information they are exposed to on social media is conflicting, confusing and from outdated sources.

In response, our global company and level of support for the wider community has expanded for the enormity of Intending Parents currently engaging in cross-border surrogacy programs. We aim to provide current and reliable information so that we can support all types and stages of inter-country journeys. Our panel of experts have reliable sourced knowledge and can network directly with a variety of reputable sources I.e., agencies, fertility specialists, treatment clinics, third-party representatives.

Growing Families has launched four new moderated social media groups. Two of these are open groups, that are free to join.  Our Growing Families groups are a safe trusted space exclusively for Intending Parents to post and communicate with a network of support.

We encourage all Intending Parents to use our free social platforms when they are in the following stages;:
– researching and on a fertility journey overseas
– considering gamete donation and shipping internationally
– traveling for initial stages of treatment overseas
– IVF with self-transfer
– linking with our community of parents via Surrogate arrangements from both the heterosexual, same-sex &
single community.

Growing Families is committed to ensuring each group has a positive culture, so we have designed strict rules around group eligibility, confidentiality, etiquette.

For those looking for advice and support to International Surrogacy link here:

International Surrogacy Support 

For heterosexual women looking for advice and support for donor egg IVF (In vitro fertilization)

Egg Donor IVF 

Two additional private groups are available for those enrolled in our Concierge Programs.

These provide access to one-on-one support with your paid specialised coordinator.

So, if you are after the latest information, one of these groups may be ideal. Join Now!