How an Egg Donor can help Intended Parents on their Surrogacy Journey

by ankita

Posted on 2020-07-10 at 06:50:00

When James and Sara first decided on surrogacy as a mode to pursue their parenthood dreams, their minds were full of doubts and questions.

They checked everything – online reviews and experiences of intended parents who had taken similar journeys

But they were keen to understand whether there was a ‘ best surrogacy agency in uk ’.In fact, surrogacy agencies are not allowed to operate in the UK – the non-profit alternatives can simply provide education and community interaction. It means it is often left to international experts to provide a clearer picture of the surrogacy process. ( via gestational surrogacy Ireland)

When Sara couldn’t use her eggs for surrogacy due to specific infertility issues, the couple had to bring an egg donor into the picture.

It’s not just James and Sara. Thousands of couples around the world look to egg donation services to fulfill their parenthood dreams.

The relevance of egg donors in IVF treatment

IVF process is a phenomenon where the male sperm and female eggs get mixed in a lab dish. Once the embryo gets formed, an embryo is  transferred into the female womb.

If there are specific issues with the female partner’s eggs,  the clinic or the couple may locate an egg donor amongst friends or through a donor agency.

This is where the egg donor agency is a vital player in the whole IVF process. Their job is to screen and evaluate egg donors before bringing them onboard for the egg donation process.

How does an egg donor agency work?

An egg donor agency advertised for females willing to donate their eggs via social media or advertisement (subject to the surrogacy laws of a particular country like in Surrogacy Agency in Australia).

After receiving applications, the agency conducts screening and medical examination processes. Applications are evaluated based on the following criteria:

Personal qualifications

–              egg donor are ideally aged between 21-28 years

–              BMI must be under 28 (BMI calculator)

–              Must be willing to undergo  medicaltests

–              Must be prepared to respond promptly

 Medical qualifications

–              Must be having regular monthly periods

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