Mothers Milk Bank Charity

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2020-10-30 at 02:39:23

Giving Food to the hungry; Hope to the needy; Life to a baby

Together keeping babies healthy as only breastmilk can.

I am excited about being involved with Growing Families. I have already had the privilege of helping many intending mothers prepare for breastfeeding by assisting them induce lactation. It has been wonderful to support their efforts to do so.  

More recently through my association with Mothers’ Milk Bank Charity, I have had the opportunity to help two same-sex couples source donor breast milk from  the Charity.

I recently helped source breastmilk for one couple while they were in the States. Prior to their departure they had ordered an ongoing supply of milk from the Charity to last until the baby is four months old. They were able to negotiate with their surrogate to express colostrum for their son. Unexpectedly, she continued to express milk for him until they returned to Australia.

Regardless of how you as an intended parent choose to feed your baby, the message I want to relay is that options are available to receive colostrum or breast milk that you may not have even considered.

Mothers’ Milk Bank Charity is here to help.

Behind the scenes, Australian Breast Milk, who sponsors the Charity, is developing a process for freeze-drying breast milk that will provide greater equity in access for more within the community. 

Freeze-dried breast milk will be cost effective, easily transportable and ready to use to suit your needs; given to supplement infant formula or used in preference to formula as partial or total nutrition for your baby.

Mothers’ Milk Bank Charity is here to support you and to help keep your baby healthy.  Best wishes on your journey to parenthood.

I will be talking in more detail about the products available at Growing Families November Webinar series. Full details at

Lynne Hall

RN, MN( Ed)Endorsed Midwife, IBCLC Lactation Consultant

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