Australia Annual National Donor & Surrogacy Conference 2023

Note: This event is no longer available.

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Our Annual National Conference will be held in Melbourne from the 16-17th June.  The theme “It Takes a Village,” is a nod to the collaborative efforts required to build families through assisted reproduction. From the latest medical advances to legal, social, and emotional considerations. The conference tackles a range of critical topics geared toward helping intended parents make informed decisions.

Held over two days, with day one dedicated to the domestic aspects of surrogacy and day two an international focus.  Day One includes discussion panels with local agencies, lawyers, and IVF doctors. They will share insights, answer questions, and provide clarity on topics related to egg donation and surrogacy. Additionally, there will be parents, egg donors, and surrogates who will share their unique stories during the conference.

Day two is international day, it focusses on intended parents who need surrogates and/or egg donors from abroad. Covering countries such as the US, Canada, Ukraine, Georgia, and Greece. The conference addresses options for singles, same sex couples, and heterosexual couples. Enabling them to choose the right option that suits their needs. Topics covered are vital to giving intending parents all the information they need to make an informed decision. Covering global trends in surrogacy, legal and ethical considerations, and the economics of surrogacy abroad.

As always, the National Conference is a fantastic opportunity to network and meet new people who share similar experiences or have gone through the family building journey. The conference also gives a much-needed platform for aspiring parents, egg donors, and surrogates to connect and build relationships, which can be a useful source of support during the surrogacy journey.

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