Donor / Surrogacy Conference – Auckland 16 March · Growing Families

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Join us for our New Zealand Annual Information Day in Auckland. Hear from Local and Global IVF experts.
Learn how to grow or start your family as a single person, same sex or heterosexual couple. As an intended parent, parent, surrogate or expert, take the opportunity to network, share stores and learn from each other.

Fulfilling Your Family Building Dream!

Saturday 16 March 2024
9.45am to 5.30pm

Tickets: $20 – $80

The Parnell Hotel, Gladstone Rd, Auckland

who should attend:

  • Those looking to create family- Singles, Same-Sex Couples & Heterosexual Couples
  • Current and potential Surrogates
  • Current and potential egg donors
  • Industry Service Providers


  • Network with IVF Experts, Surrogates, Parents and Children via Surrogacy
  • Meet best in their field Lawyers
  • Understand how surrogacy & egg donor options work in New Zealand
  • Understand processes, costs, pros and cons in the USA, Canada & elsewhere

The Day

Fulfilling Your Family Building Dream is a full day event featuring panels of experts, parents, surrogates and older children via surrogacy.

Growing Families events are curated to provide the most up-to date information for those starting or on a family building surrogacy / donor journey.

Our interactive format provides advice, introductions and answers to questions, no matter where you are in your journey.  We cover steps on how to first engagement with professional service providers to taking your baby home.

Ticket Includes:

Morning & afternoon tea, lunch along with a networking drinks & nibbles function.

One-on-One consultations with as many experts as you like. View the profiles of each speaker and email us to arrange your consultation meetings.

New Zealand Annual Seminar

Date: Saturday 16 March 2024
Time:  9.45am to 5.30pm
Location:  The Parnell Hotel, Auckland

Tickets: $20- $80

The networking drinks provide an opportunity to freely talk with all expert speakers, donors, surrogates, parents who have completed their family and young adults conceived through surrogacy or a donor.

Growing Families have 11 years of experience supporting over 3000 singles and couples engaging in international donor and surrogacy arrangements.

Children Holding Hands Growing families National Conference Melbourne


9.45 -10.00am

Overview Of Pathways to Parenthood

Outlines the differences between domestic and international donor and surrogacy, hybrid options and foster and adoption pathways. Donor & surrogate availability. Friends and family as donors or surrogates. Meeting online vs via agencies.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

10.00 – 10.30am

The Altruistic Headspace 

Relationship building, – Provides a Step By Step guide to NZ’s friendship-based Surrogacy model, maintaining relationships post birth. + Christian Newman provides an update on the popular Love Makes a Family independent matching platform

Ashley Shore, Sam Johnson, Christian Newman


Medical Session – Egg Quality & Making Strong Embryos

Medical considerations & screening for egg and sperm providers. What can IVF specialists do to assess Sperm & egg quality prior to IVF? What impact does age have? Discusses embryo development, grading, Pre-Genetic-Aneuploidy Testing and how embryos are selected for transfer

Dr Danielle Lane, USA, Dr Clifford Librach, Canada, Dr Rahi Victory, Canada

11.00 – 11.20am

Surrogacy Expert Panel

Surrogacy Experts from the US, Argentina and Canada discuss the differences in how their nation approaches surrogacy

Cindy Wasser Canada; Lauri De Brito USA Ester Nunez –Argentina




Surrogate Panel

Given the morning sickness, weight gain, fatigue & unending medical appointments, what motivates surrogates to keep going? NZ surrogates discuss their motivations, decision-making, what they look for in recipients, relationships and hurdles; and support required in the fourth trimester 
Moderator: Sam Everingham
Panelists: Ashley Shore, Fiona Dalziel, Sam Watkins, Laura Beecroft

12.40 -1.00pm

Legal lssues & Govt Approvals

What is the purpose of agreements, are they legally binding? What should be included in these,  Timelines, costs, processes what issues do intended parents need to think about?

Stewart Dalley, D&S Law,

1.00 – 1.20pm

Considerations in Selecting Where to Engage

What are the differences in timelines? What are the pros and cons of going overseas? How do surrogate match times differ? How do costs compare? Are there fixed cost programs available? How do hybrid programs work? What about Insurance? What factor does age, cultural origins & marital status play in my decision-making?

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

1.20 – 2.10pm


Concurrent Sessions Surrogacy in USA Kathryn Kaycoff, Lauri De Brito; Cam Owens
Surrogacy in Canada; Cindy Wasser, Dr Victory
Surrogacy in NZ; Sam Johnson (dad via NZ); Stewart Dalley; Ashley Shore

2.10 – 3.00pm

Parent Panel

New Zealand Parents discuss in depth their journeys via Donor IVF or Surrogacy
Moderator: Cam Owens
Panelist: ; Mark Catley (dad via US); Nick Broadchoi (dad via NZ); Penny Matkin-Hussey (mum via US) AJ Seine (dad via Canada)


Concurrent Drill down Sessions Surrogacy in USA Kathryn Kaycoff, Lauri De Brito; Cam Owens
Surrogacy in Canada; Cindy Wasser, Dr Victory
Surrogacy in Argentina: Ester Nunez



4.00- 4.30pm

The role of Counselling in Your journey

Why is counselling so important? How can it help you navigate ? Does it have to be face-to-face? What are the typical issues that are red flags to be aware of? How can you be sure all parties are on the same page? Coming to terms with failed transfers and miscarriages

Andy Leggat, fertility psychologist


The Impact on Families

Children of surrogates discuss the impact on their lives of surrogacy, relationships with half-siblings and surro-siblings

Moderator: Andy Leggat
Soraya Watkins (17), Jole Watkins (15) Maddy Beecroft (8)



Meet Our Expert Speakers

Andy Leggat
Psychology Director, Fertility Associates
View Profile

Christian Newman
Dad via surrogacy, Love Makes a Family
View Profile

Cindy Wasser
Hope Springs Fertility Law, Canada
View Profile

Dr Danielle Lane
Reproductive Endocrinologist, Lane Fertility Institute, USA
View Profile

Kathryn Kaycoff
The Fertility Agency, USA
View Profile

Lauri De Brito
The Fertility Agency, USA
View Profile

Sam Everingham
Global Expert & Growing Families Director
View Profile

Stewart Dalley
Fertility Lawyer. D&S Law (NZ)
View Profile

Family Members Sharing Their Stories

AJ & Clive Seine
Dads via Canada
View Profile

Ashley Shore
NZ Gestational surrogate
View Profile

Fiona Dalziel
Traditional surrogate
View Profile

Laura Beecroft
New Zealand surrogate
View Profile

Mark Catley
Dad via USA
View Profile

Nick Broadchoi
Parents via NZ
View Profile

Mum via US surrogacy
View Profile

Sam Johnson
Gay intended Dads via NZ
View Profile

Samantha Watkins
NZ Surrogate
View Profile

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