Legal Considerations for International Intended Parents

The Not-So-United States The United States is rightfully recognized as the safest and most expeditious … Read more

HOPE Egg Donation – Portland OR USA

HOPE EGG DONATION  A BOUTIQUE AGENCY WITH A DIFFERENCE  “An egg donor agency with genetic … Read more

Surrogacy Research and Advocacy

Growing Families were involved in a research study. Australian intended parents’ decision-making and characteristics and … Read more

Bubbling with Excitement and Creating Rupert 

In the lead up to the Growing Families Annual Information Day, our Director Sam Everingham … Read more

Surrogacy in Georgia to Continue

Despite a government announcement in 2023 of discomfort with the growing demand for surrogacy in … Read more

A Single Mother By Choice

The biggest blessing, the greatest miracle, and the most empowered act of my life was the creation … Read more

Simple Surrogacy – A Texas Success Story

Growing Families Director Sam Everingham profiles Kristen Hanson & her business partner Stephanie who have … Read more

Surrogacy in Ukraine – Do Not Commence

Most foreign governments continue to issue strongly worded advisories urging their citizens not to travel … Read more

Changes in Laws for Europeans

This article provides a round-up of recent court rulings and announcements pertaining to surrogacy around … Read more

The Argentine Surrogacy Environment

Recent global pressures have seen far greater interest in surrogacy in Argentina amongst intended parents … Read more
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