Babytree Surrogacy

Babytree Surrogacy is a full-service egg donor and surrogacy agency based in Los Angeles, California. Being a professional and trusted mid-sized agency, Babytree Surrogacy is proud to be the No.1 supplier of surrogate moms in the LA area with about 150 matches a year. Since founded in 2013, Babytree have been working with both domestic and overseas clients with different backgrounds. Headquartered in Ontario, CA, Babytree has satellite offices in Hesperia, Victorville, Lancaster and Palm Spring, where our case managers recruit and assist surrogates locally.

To deliver the best service, babytree offers a guaranteed program that provides flexibility and assurance of success to their clients. After the contract is signed, the intended parents are free to request to change the surrogate without restrictions until their baby or babies are delivered. In addition, babytree offers full support for our surrogate moms by providing 7/24 service including assisting communications with intended parents and referring to health care providers. Because babytree is always actively recruiting new surrogates and encouraging referrals, they are able to keep their candidate pool large, which ensures fast matching and re-matching.  Thanks to their experiences and commitment, almost all of their surrogate moms have delivered healthy babies at full term successfully over the past years, even those who have carried twins.