Pacific Fertility Center – LA

For 30 years, people have been coming to the Pacific Fertility Clinic of Los Angeles for one thing: a successful pregnancy. Whether from the Los Angeles area or halfway around the world, as an intended parent you’ll be in the good hands that have created more than 7,000 happy, healthy babies. The experience we’ve gained has prepared us for any unique request or unforeseen development. We’ve set the standard for best practices, from what makes an appropriate surrogate to transparency and ethics. People come to us because they trust our approach, have confidence in our abilities, and know that they will be treated fairly.

You’ll be guided through your assisted reproductive journey every step of the way, from initial consult to the birth of your baby. You can rest assured that our doctors bring expertise and compassion to every encounter, that our staff is available to answer any question at any hour, that we’ll assist you financially where possible, and if needed we’ll match you with a donor or surrogate specially curated to meet your request.

We work with patients from more than 75 countries, heterosexual and LGBTQ+ members alike. Wherever you’re from, you’ll feel cared for, well advised, and treated as if a member of our family. All to provide you with the best experience possible. All to help your dream of having a baby come true.