Service Provider Name: Verculum

Verculum is a parenting support center in St. Petersburg that offers excellent medical support with leading IVF specialists and high quality equipment.
Their expertise and team-based approach covers all aspects of the surrogacy process with the ultimate goal to help you bring home a healthy baby!
With Verculum, you’ll get guidance and support at every step of the treatment process — from surrogate mother selection, working with reproductive experts and managing the financial and legal aspects.

At Verculum you have access to various surrogacy packages.

All cases are processed with legal support assistance from the beginning until baby’s departure home.

Verculum in St. Petersburg is not only a surrogacy agency but also your partner on the way of becoming a happy parent.

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Russia, St. Petersburg, Finland avenue 4a, office 117


+7 (812) 332 15 55