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IVF and adoption are two of the most common options considered when conception has not occurred naturally. Unfortunately, IVF is not always successful and adoption waiting lists in Ireland are long and the process so complex that prospective parents may need to look at other options to start a family of their own.

Currently, there is no legislation pertaining to transfer of parentage for Irish nationals engaging in surrogacy, which means  parentage issues are more complicated. Note that new legislation is likely to come at the end of this year which will support legal parentage for those engaging in either domestic or international surrogacy where pre-conditions are met. 

Legal advice and support is required. For Irish nationals, surrogacy in International surrogacy will cost between €40,000 and over €100,000 depending on the country and agency you choose.

Where do most Irish singles and couples engage for surrogacy?

Previously, many Irish nationals engaged in countries like Ukraine and India for surrogacy. However, with the Ukraine war ongoing and airspace closed, that country is not a safe option for foreigners. Instead, countries such as Canada, USA, Georgia, Argentina, Mexico and Greece are becoming increasingly popular, but you need to understand if you are eligible. Greece only accepts heterosexual couples or single females under 54 years. Countries such as the US and Canada have far more accepting rules. Argentina is a much newer destination, but some parts have very supportive laws.

Irish citizens choosing to engage in unregulated destinations such as North Cyprus and Kenya have experienced extortion and poor levels of surrogate care. Growing Families can advise on reliable providers of IVF and surrogacy services globally.

Can I utilize an Irish surrogate?

This is possible, however, few Irish clinics currently have licences to perform IVF in such cases. Previously, intended parents used traditional (host)surrogacy or travelled abroad for the IVF process (for example to UK or Cyprus). A small number of Irish couples do find a local surrogate. And find ways of making this work through surrogacy clinics in Ireland.

Who is the legal parent or guardian?

The Irish biological father can easily be defined as a parent following overseas surrogacy but currently the status of an intended mother, even if she provides her biological material is not that of a parent under Irish law, requiring a lengthy adoption process. These laws will change in the near future but to avoid potential problems regarding parentage, you need to obtain legal advice in both Ireland and the surrogate’s host country. Growing Families can recommend suitable lawyers.

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