Surrogacy in Ukraine – Do Not Commence

Most foreign governments continue to issue strongly worded advisories urging their citizens not to travel to Ukraine given the Russian invasion is ongoing. The security situation continues to be volatile and extremely dangerous including in Kyiv and western regions, with missile attacks continuing countrywide. Foreigners have been killed and may be targeted. There is a serious risk to life.

Deteriorating conditions have led to reports of poor nutritional conditions among pregnant women, of some births in primitive conditions in shelters, and of increased levels of miscarriages and premature births.

The Australian, UK and Irish governments have all specifically advised their citizens, in the strongest terms, against commissioning surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine since the war commenced.

It is matter of the deepest concern that some foreign governments have become aware of new arrangements commencing in Ukraine since the war started.

The UK Foreign Office have withdrawn the issuing of fast-tracked emergency passports for surrogacy births (on the basis that intended parents knew what they were getting into). UK passport processing time for Ukraine births are now at least 17 weeks.

Governments have pointed out that the level of assistance that can be provided is now ‘very much restricted… (given) ….possible risks to the safety of Departmental and Embassy staff’ as well as their own citizens.

Both the Irish and Australian governments have now prolonged the exit process for newborns. Australians for example must now travel to Warsaw and back into Ukraine a second time to collect a passport.