Surrogacy in Ukraine

Previously Ukraine was a popular surrogacy destination for foreigners. Due to the ongoing military attacks in Ukraine, enormous stress on services and free movement across borders, engaging in Ukraine surrogacy is no longer a safe or ethical option.

A number of foreign governments have issued specific warnings that they will not be able to offer citizenship, passports and travel document support to those of their citizens who choose to engage in Ukraine surrogacy since the military conflict commenced in February 2022.

If you do need to travel to Ukraine for an upcoming birth, minimise your length of stay through careful co-ordination with your agency to ensure your infants birth certificate can be expedited. Neither your safety, nor that of your baby can be guaranteed. Note that some Ukraine agencies are now offering programs in other countries. These may be a safer option and allow you to use embryos already stored in Ukraine.

We do not recommend engaging in Ukraine surrogacy and cannot support intended parents who do so.

Shipping embryos out of Ukraine

For those who do have embryos in Ukraine and would like them relocated, please contact Growing Families and we can help facilitate this.

Engage with Growing Families

Too often intended parent(s) engage in surrogacy without full awareness of the risks and how potential hurdles can be minimised.  To assist, Growing Families have created support packages that inform, guide, and support your journey.

Our team have been helping intended parents with international family-building since 2012 and have assisted over 3000 parents.  Drawing on our extensive experience and global contacts, we can help select the right option for you.

We offer Assessment & Support Consultation Packages to discuss your unique circumstances and provide a secure pathway that best meets your family building needs. 

If you would like to discuss your situation in more detail with us, please complete this situation assessment form so we can understand your journey to date.  Then, we will be in contact to arrange a 15-minute consultation.

Growing Families also host regular events featuring expert service providers, surrogates and recent parents.  View our Event Schedule for an upcoming event near you.