Your Path to Parenthood with Western Fertility Institute

Written by: Paulo Villacorte

Regardless of your sexual orientation or marital status, there is a path to parenthood for you with Western Fertility Institute. If you are a single male or are in a male homosexual relationship, becoming a parent is possible through egg donation and surrogacy. Western Fertility Institute offers both of these services, along with many more in-house.

Paving the way for your path to parenthood

1. Semen Analysis and Bloodwork: One or both partners can get a semen analysis performed in our
Los Angeles office. A semen analysis examines the concentration, count, motility, forward
progression, morphology, and white blood cell count of the sperm. Intended fathers will also
have blood and urine tests within 7 days of turning in their semen sample. The blood tests
include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, SMV, West Nile Virus, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and
Blood Type/RH factor.

2. Selecting Your Egg Donor: You will meet with our physician, Dr. Ashim Kumar, to review your
options and go over the egg donation process. After you select a donor, we will schedule a
consultation with her to evaluate her reproductive viability and potential.

3. Creation of Embryos: We fertilize eggs in-house. We use the Gardner Grading System and PGT-A
testing to determine the embryo quality and how many chromosomes are present in the

4. Matching with Your Gestational Carrier: Tell us about your preferences for a gestational carrier,
and we will match you with a surrogate that meets your needs. We assess the reproductive
viability and potential of all of our surrogates. You will have the opportunity to video chat and
meet your gestational carrier prior to matching.

5. Birth of Your Baby: Your third-party coordinator will keep you updated on the anticipated due
date. Our team will be at the hospital for delivery and can assist you with your baby’s birth
certificate and passport if needed. Your baby has arrived!

About Western Fertility Institute

The mission of Western Fertility Institute is to provide a supportive and comfortable environment
utilizing the latest technology and equipment on the path to building families. Dr. Kumar and our team
are dedicated, talented and empathetic to the needs of our patients and are at the top of their fields.

The support staff is available to assist patients during treatment with encouragement and emotional

by Aashka Pandya, Western Fertility Institute

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