Growing Families European Event – 16 September 2023

Surrogacy, whether altruistic or paid, remains a stressful, complex process, which no-one is equipped to handle alone.

Across Europe, there are divides in opinion. Politicians in Spain and Italy are trying to ban their citizens from engaging, while countries like the UK and Ireland are attempting to improve their laws around (at least) altruistic surrogacy.

There have been immense changes in the international and domestic landscape in the last year alone, which is leading to  increased risks. There can be long wait times for surrogate matches, a lack of quality surrogate screening and complicated rules around eligibility and Citizenship.

The experiences of those who engaged in surrogacy as recently as 2-3 years ago is now unfortunately out-of-date. Countries such as Georgia, once a reliable destination for heterosexual couples, is soon to close. Colombia will follow.

Growing Families, together with our international advisory board, have been able to respond pro-actively to these changes, and there remain some safe and even affordable routes to parenthood.  But to avoid being trapped in a difficult surrogate relationship, a war zone, or a country on the verge of closing, reliable information is paramount.

Our next European event on surrogacy and donor egg options will be held in Dublin on Sat 16 September.  In a fast changing environment, this is a must attend event to learn the latest about safe options to build family 

The event will provide opportunities

  • to learn about the reality of both altruistic and commercial surrogacy or egg donation
  • up-to-date information from those with decades of expertise, assisting over 3000 singles and couples
  • to hear from surrogates from Ireland, the US & Canada
  • to meet recent parents face-to-face
  • to talk to providers who can help you from the US, Mexico, Argentina, Canada & Europe
  • to hear from Ukraine & Georgia experts about the future of surrogacy in some of the more affordable countries in Europe

With over 18 speakers and panellists from around the world, the event will cater to your needs, whatever your nationality. There will be experts on hand to discuss legal issues, donor options, IVF processes, surrogate matching, costs, shipping and safety.

At the event, we can put you in touch directly with specialised, cost effective legal professionals and providers. As a consumer-run organisation with over a decades experience, Growing Families can provide reliable solutions for your needs which meet your budget and timelines 

More information and tickets are available here