Over 10 years of experience supporting 3000 singles and couples engaging in cross-border donor and surrogacy arrangements.

About us

Welcome to Growing Families

Growing Families was founded by dad via surrogacy, Sam Everingham, Our philosophy is to ensure intended parents understand their options, are prepared for their family building journey and supported along the way with practical advice and expert guidance.

We work with intended parents – Gay, Heterosexual and Singles from around the globe to educate and support their family building journey with donors and/or surrogates.

Growing Families are a research -oriented organisation. We partner with academics to design and complete research to inform policy and practice.  Our extensive relationships with surrogates, parents, clinics, surrogacy agencies, family lawyers, egg banks, counsellors and government allows us to share their expertise and experience, to assist with your family building dreams.

Since 2011, Growing Families have assisted over 3000 singles and couples on their family building journey. Over 250 parents, surrogates and donors have shared their stories at our events in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden, and Hong Kong.

We support intended parents through webinars, seminars, conferences, and customised support.  We aim to provide one place to source all the information needed to make building your family easier.

our team

Sam Everingham


Sam is the founder of Growing Families, previously known as Families Through Surrogacy. He and his partner have two girls born via international surrogacy in 2011. Sam has been involved in family formation journeys for over eight years. He established the not-for-profit organisation Surrogacy Australia in 2010, which quickly became Australia’s go-to resource for media, government and intended parents.  Sam maintains diverse global networks with surrogacy researchers, families, agencies, donor banks and reproductive specialists. He is a regular media commentator and has co-authored a number of articles on surrogacy utilisation and attitudes in the Medical Journal of Australia, Australian Institute of Family Studies, Bionews and the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Olivia Santa

Event Sponsorship

Olivia has been working with Growing Families for almost six years. She looks after marketing and sponsor partnerships globally and in this role liaises closely with IVF clinics, surrogacy agencies and law firms in Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Georgia, Russia and elsewhere. She lives in Sydney Australia and works Monday – Wednesdays inclusive.

Heather Anderson

Client Services

Heather has an extensive background in customer service with a passion for developing partnerships and solutions. Working with Australian parents initial enquiries, with venues, suppliers, our IT partners and Mailchimp maintenance are some of Heather’s areas of expertise.  She also brings a wealth of knowledge in direct marketing and end-to-end campaign management. She works part-time but is available most days.



Charlene manages our social media, event marketing and website design. She has a long history in working with SME’s in digital marketing strategy, content and brand marketing, along with user experience website design. 



Based in LA, Karma’s expertise is in supporting intended parents, particularly those requiring Donor IVF.  She also assists in our communications with patients and partnership development with Donor IVF providers globally.


head of strategy & innovation

Kerry has a background in senior management for large corporates, as well as the health and well-being space. She is also a mum via cross-border donor surrogacy. She brings extensive experience in business and leadership with a focus on business development,  expansion and innovation.

A bit about how we are funded!


Growing Families is funded via event sponsorship – paid by providers to be present at educational events; ticket sales – paid by attendees of educational events; consultancy services – paid by intended parents for customised advice and support; and case-management fees – paid by providers to support international intended parent journeys.


Growing Families operates a professional consultancy arm globally to advise & support intended parents based on their individual circumstances. Support and advice includes situation analysis, clinic and agency recommendations, access to counselling, budgeting, logistics, shipping, embryo creation and sperm freeze advice, paperwork and notary support, agency liaison, citizenship and passports support, legal referrals, peer support, exclusive video and podcast resources, fast-tracked responses to questions, travel and accommodation support 


Growing Families’ support branch offers a case management service to assist with logistical, emotional and day-to-day support needs in regard to international cases. Case management fees are billed direct to providers, are optional and if paid, are billed after an intended parent has made their first payment to a surrogacy provider. They do not apply to domestic or altruistic offshore surrogacy, IVF clinics or law firms.