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Written by: Olivia Santa

Growing Families were involved in a research study. Australian intended parents’ decision-making and characteristics and outcomes of surrogacy arrangements completed in Australia and Overseas.

Some Australian intended parents engage internationally to connect with a surrogate due to domestic surrogate availability. This study looks at how Australian intended parents decide where to find a surrogate and compares the results of domestic and international surrogacy.

The study found that parents would prefer to use an Australian surrogate, but many chose international options due to lengthy match times in Australia.

International Surrogacy often involved using more than one embryo, a donor, and not receiving counseling. Compared to surrogacy in Australia, surrogacy in other countries had more twins, more babies delivered early, and more babies needing special care. These findings raise concern about the health and well-being of everyone involved.

Without rules about surrogacy that are the same internationally, making it easier to connect with a surrogate in Australia may stop people going to other countries and reduce the risks.

These findings and future recommendations will be discussed at the upcoming Growing Families Brisbane and Auckland Events.

Read the full study.

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Olivia Santa

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