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Following the sudden and shocking closure of Mediterranean Fertility Institute in Crete this free webinar is about supporting Intending Parent’s caught up in the crisis and to answers questions on

Claims against MFI

  • Timelines, legal costs, likelihood of success, appeals, recouping costs

Current Embryo Shipping Options

  • What clinics will receive embryos?
  • What are the paperwork requirements?
  • What paperwork can I commence now?

Join us for a COMPLIMENTARY webinar to understand the latest developments

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Ticket Includes:

30 Minute Session

  • Situation Update
  • Claims against MFI (10 mins)
  • Embryo shipping wtihin Greece
  • Embryo shipping to your home country
  • Embryo shipping to Canada, US, Georgia, Argentina, Mexico
  • Testing and paperwork requirements
  • Costs

Sam Everingham Growing Families, Heather Anderson

10 Minute Session

Audience Q&A

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