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Canadian Surrogacy WEBINAR

Date: 21 October 2023

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Join us for a FREE two hour webinar on the ins and outs of Canadian surrogacy
and egg donation for international intended parents.

An interactive ‘Ask Me Anything’ Webinar

Saturday 21 October

11.00am (BST) London
12 Midday (CEST) Paris, Madrid
9.00pm (AEDT) Sydney


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15 Minute Session

Canadian Egg Donor Options

Donor availability; How clinics screen donors; Carrier screening; Donor family limits; Donor characteristics, ethnicities and matching

Scott Swanberg; Kelsey Wells, Egg Helpers

15 Minute Session

Good Ingredients – Making Strong Embryos

Medical considerations & screening for egg and sperm providers. What can IVF specialists do to assess Sperm & egg quality prior to IVF? What impact does age have? What other factors affect sperm or egg quality? What can I do to improve quality? Carrier screening,

Dr Clifford Librach, Create IVF

20 Minute Session

Who’d be a Surrogate?

Given the morning sickness, weight gain, fatigue & unending medical appointments, what motivates them to keep going? Canadian surrogates discuss their motivations, decision making, what they look for in recipients, relationships and hurdles.

Andrea Sawden, Libby Ormond, (Canadian surrogates)

15 Minute Session

Legal Parentage

Learn about the legal process in Canada and what the legal steps of your path to parenthood will be.

Cindy Wasser, Hope Springs Fertility Law

35 Minute Session

Parent Panel

International Parents discuss their journeys via Canadian surrogacy

Mark Davidson (Australia), Charlie Tighe (UK), Johannes Donath (Germany) Molly Tierney (Ireland)

20 Minute Session

Looking After Your Surrogate, Your Donor & Yourself

Learn about the best ways to support your surrogate during the process. Also how to look after yourself during the tough times of the journey.

Jan Silverman

Meet Our Expert Speakers

Brian Rosenberg
Founder, GWK Academy
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Dr Jennifer Barros
Intake Manager, Reprovida, Mexico
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Dr Rahi Victory
Reproductive Endocrinologist, VRC, Canada
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Dad via Argentina
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Paul Riggio
Dad via US Surrogacy
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Sam Everingham
Global Expert & Growing Families Director
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Tamari Kachlishvili
Global Surrogacy Consulting, Argentina
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William R

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