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Fulfilling Your Family Building Dream

Date: 21 April 2024




Surrogacy and egg donor event for intended parents. For an individual or couple considering parenthood, navigating the family-building process with a surrogate or donor can be an overwhelming experience.

Surrogacy and egg donor event for intended parents features local and international IVF experts who will navigate the landscape, discuss what it all means for intended parents and give you the chance to ask the tough questions.

Now, it is more important than ever to be aware of potential risks and challenges, as well as how service providers are addressing these!

Join us for an interactive ‘Ask Me Anything’ Seminar

Sunday 21 April
9.30am to 4.30pm

Wellcome Collection,
Euston 183 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BE


What You Will Learn!

A global program of experts, doctors, surrogates, donors, and parents will openly discuss Donor IVF, Surrogacy and Egg Donor Options in the United Kingdom and abroad. 

The seminar is curated to provide the most up-to date information for those starting or on a family building surrogacy / donor journey.

The interactive seminar format provides advice, introductions and answers to questions, no matter where you are in your journey.  Surrogacy and egg donor event for intended parents will cover steps on how to first engagement with professional service providers to taking your baby home.

This event will guide you on:

  • Surrogacy & Egg Donor Options by Country
  • Medical & Donor Considerations
  • Legal Issues
  • Parent & Surrogate Panels

One-on-One Consultations:

Included with your ticket is the opportunity to arrange meetings with as many experts from the seminar as you like. Read the profiles on each of our speakers and email us to arrange your consultation meetings.


Leaders in their Fields Providing Information on Assisted Reproduction, Surrogacy,
Egg Donation and Legal Process

Dr. Jovanovic ranks among the top fertility doctors in Los Angeles. Beyond providing services in Southern California, many patients travel from all over the world to seek his expertise as a reproductive care provider.  He is constantly working to find new ways to maximize patient success rates and use the latest technology and optimized treatment protocols.

Dr. Vuk Jovanovic, Medical Director, Tree of Life Center California, USA

Dr. Clifford Librach is the founder and Director of the CReATe Fertility Centre and CReATe Cord Blood Bank (Toronto, Ontario). He is a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto, and holds cross-appointments with the Department of Physiology and Institute of Medical Sciences, and is currently the chair of the OMA.Dr. Clifford Librach is the founder and Director of the CReATe Fertility Centre and CReATe Cord Blood Bank (Toronto, Ontario). He is a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto, and holds cross-appointments with the Department of Physiology and Institute of Medical Sciences, and is currently the chair of the OMA.

Dr. Clifford L. Librach, Create Fertility CReATe

Dr. Librach from Create Fertility Canada at Ireland event for Growing Families

Ester Nunez is the owner of SudAmerika Surrogacy, an agency which has supported South Americans, UK and French couples engaging in surrogacy in Argentina. She is a member of Argentine Association of Lawyers for Gestational Surrogacy and is the author of several legal publications.

Ester Nunez, SudAmerika Surrogacy, Argentina

SudAmerika Surrogacy Argentina - Growing Families lawyer for surrogacy in Argentina

The 2023 edition of Legal 500 states: 

“Barry O’Leary – utterly brilliant for surrogacy related and nationality law issues.” 

Barry O’Leary, Wesley Gryk Solicitors, UK

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‘Ask Me Anything’ Information Day

Fulfill Your Family Building Dream!

Date: Sunday 21 April 2024
Time:  9.30am to 4.30pm
Location:  Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE

Early Bird Ticket Price: £20 per person

Ticket price includes one-on-one consultation with expert providers post event, lunch, afternoon tea, and complimentary networking drinks. The networking drinks provide an opportunity to freely talk with all expert speakers, donor, surrogates, recent parents and children.

Keynote Speaker Video Highlights ticket: £40

If you are unable to attend the seminar, opt for the 1-hour highlights reel. Receive insights from our keynote speakers available through a download link sent to you a week after the event   Ticket price includes one-on-one consultations with selected expert speaker via Zoom. 

Growing Families have 11 years of experience supporting over 3000 singles and couples engaging in international donor and surrogacy arrangements.

Who should attend this Event

Heterosexual Couples:

  • Understand how age affects IVF success rates, when you should be considering a donor & what options are available at home and abroad
  • Understand why the Ukraine is now a dangerous option for surrogacy
  • Learn about embryo shipping options, costs and risks

Same Sex Couples:

  • Understand the destinations that allow gay couples and singles to engage in surrogacy
  • Learn about egg donor selection and what you should consider before making your decision
  • Understand the legal & practical issues around travel, birth certificates and parentage


  • Understand the process of using donor eggs or sperm
  • Understand which jurisdictions allow a single person to engage in surrogacy
  • Connect with single parents who have been on this journey

Healthcare Professionals:

  • With an interest in third party reproduction and assisting donors, surrogates and/or intended parents

Agenda & Speakers 2024

9.30 – 9.50am

Considerations in Where to Engage

  • What are the differences in timelines?
  • What are the pros and cons of different countries?
  • How do costs compare and are there fixed cost programs available?
  • How do hybrid programs work?
  • Where are these available and who is eligible?
  • Are there options in Asia?

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

9.50 – 10.10am

Considerations in Selecting a Donor

  • How clinics screen donors. 
  • Donor family limits.
  • Genetic Carrier screening – and where is it done. 
  • What other factors affect sperm or egg quality?
  • What can I do to improve quality?  
  • How relevant are non medical considerations such as hobbies and interests?

Dr Vuk Jovanovic, Tree of Life

10.10 – 10.30am

Considerations in Surrogate Matching 

  • Repeat vs first time surrogates;  
  • Communication preferences; contact before and during pregnancy.
  • How matching & contact occurs in different countries.

Kristen Hanson, Simple Surrogacy, USA.

10.30 – 11.10am

Surrogacy & Donor IVF in Greece, Georgia, Ghana & Argentina.

  • How do they operate?
  • What are the risks?
  • What factor does age, cultural origins & marital status play in eligibility ?

Rosa Propato, (Greece), Anastasia Polonska (Georgia), Ester Nunez (Argentina) Akosua Asamoah (Ghana)

11.10 – 11.40am

Morning Tea

Enjoy tea, coffee and morning tea refreshments included in your ticket.

11.40 – 12.05pm

Good Ingredients – Making Strong Embryos

  • What can IVF specialists do to assess sperm & egg quality prior to IVF?
  • What impact does age have?
  • Discussing embryo development, grading and Pre-Genetic-Aneuploidy Testing.
  • The pros & cons and how embryos are selected for transfer.
  • Technological advances.

Dr Clifford Librach Create IVF, Dr Rahi Victory, VRC Canada

12.05 – 12.25pm

Donor Egg & Donor Embryo Options

  • Known vs ID release donors. 
  • Ethnicity considerations, where to access donors and the differences in information provided. 
  • Can I create embryos locally and send them to another country?
  • Can a foreign surrogate come to the UK for embryo transfer?
  • Are donor embryos available? 
  • Can I ship donor embryos for surrogacy?

Emma Hogg, Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health Robin Newman – Global Egg Donors

12.25 – 12.45pm

Top Ten Challenges and How to Overcome Them

  • Making the difficult decisions and who do you listen to?
  • Working with online forums; common hurdles and coming to terms with failed transfers and miscarriages
  • Psychological support and breaking contracts.
  • What happens if the embryo transfer fails?
  • What level of support is available?

Richard Scarlett, Sam Everingham

12.45- 1.40pm

Lunch Conversations

Enjoy lunch included in your ticket price.

12.50 – 1.10pm

Lunch and Learn

Room 1 Surrogacy in USA

Room 2 Surrogacy in Argentina

Room 3 Surrogacy in Georgia

1.10 – 1.30pm

Lunch and Learn

Room 1 Surrogacy in Canada

Room 2 Surrogacy in USA

Room 3 Surrogacy in Greece

1.40 – 2.00pm

Preparing for Birth & Support Networks 

  • Peer & Concierge support
  • Pre-natal classes
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Post-birth support
  • Networks in the UK and European countries for heterosexual and gay parents.

2.00 – 2.15pm

Obtaining Passports for Newborns/Country Exit Processes

Barry O’Leary, Wesley Gryk, UK

2.15 – 2.30pm

Obtaining Parental Orders in the UK Post-surrogacy

  • Domicile evidence for foreigners
  • Cost & time of the process required.

Kelly Blaxall, Natalie Gamble & Associates

2.30 – 3.10pm

Parent Panel

Parents discuss in depth their journeys via Donor IVF or Surrogacy.

Panelists: Paul Riggio (Dad via US), Saidee Samuelson (Mum via N Cyprus) Richard Sawyer (Dad via US) John Patrick (Dad via Canada) Prinal Ruparel (Dad via Georgia)

3.10 – 3.40pm

Afternoon Tea and Networking

Tea, coffee and refreshments included in your ticket.

3.40 – 4.05pm

Room 1: Surrogate and Newborn Insurance in foreign jurisdictions

Sophie Ukleba (Georgia/ Mexico), Cindy Wasser (Canada); Rosa Propato (Greece),

3.40 – 4.05pm

Room 2: Legal Processes for other European Countries

  • How does each country recognise a child via surrogacy?
  • Who can help me if I am French, Italian, Irish, German, Swedish, Serbian or some other nationality?.
  • Specialist lawyers discuss how their nationals can have newborns via surrogacy recognised

Sam Everingham: Mandy Pecher (Germany); Tracy Horan (Ireland)

4.05 – 4.40pm

Surrogate Panel 

  • What do surrogates expect from international IPs?
  • Are they co-erced into carrying?
  • Surrogates from US, Georgia & Canada discuss their motivations, expectations, journeys and contact with IPs and children.
  • Natia Kharaishvili (Georgia), Laura Hamilton (USA), Chantelle Henry (Canada) Sara Fehrman (Canada)

4.40 – 5.00pm

Disclosure to Donor/Surrogacy-conceived

Resources to assist in disclosure to kids

5.00 – 6.00pm

Networking Drinks

Enjoy a drink or two whilst talking with experts, surrogates, donors and parents who have completed their journey.

Why You Should Attend

Surrogacy and egg donor event for intended parents provides information about wait times and agency capacity which change regularly given the high demand. Our events focus on providing the latest information and updates. We constantly review feedback on agencies, risks and other hurdles to allow you to better plan. 

So, no matter where you are in your family building journey, these events provide essential updated information + an opportunity to talk with recent parents and older children via surrogacy.

Date:          Sunday 21 April 2024
Time:        9.30am to 5.00pm
Location:  Wellcome Collection, Euston – 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE
Tickets:    £20 – 80

Ticket price includes:  lunch & afternoon tea, with complimentary networking drinks. Along with the opportunity to freely talk with all expert speakers, donor & surrogates, recent parents and older children on the day. 


“Thank you so much for the event, I found all the information extremely helpful”


london seminar 2023

“I didn’t know where to start and was hungry for information.  Now I have the info I need to get started


london seminar 2022 

Meet Our Expert Speakers

Anastasia Polonska
IP Support Manager, Silk Medical, Georgia
View Profile

Barry O’Leary
Wesley Gryk Solicitors, UK
View Profile

Cindy Wasser
Hope Springs Fertility Law, Canada
View Profile

Dr Rahi Victory
Reproductive Endocrinologist, VRC, Canada
View Profile

Dr Rosa Propato
Program Co-ordinator, Thessaloniki, Greece
View Profile

Dr. Clifford Librach
Create Fertility Centre, Canada
View Profile

Dr. Vuk Jovanovic
Medical Director, Tree of Life Center, USA
View Profile

Emma Hogg
Embryology co-ordinator CRGH, London
View Profile

Ester Nunez
SudAmerica Surrogacy, Argentina
View Profile

Kelly Blaxall
UK Surrogacy Lawyer - NGA Law
View Profile

Kristen Hanson
Owner, Simple Surrogacy, Texas
View Profile

Mandy Pecher
German Surrogacy lawyer
View Profile

Melissa Quinn
Australian Regional Manager - Manor-Baby, Israel
View Profile

Pedro Mendoza
Pedro Mendoza - Lead Intended Parent Advisor - Gestacy Surrogacy CA
View Profile

Robin Newman
Founder, Global Egg Donors,
View Profile

Sam Everingham
Global Expert & Growing Families Director
View Profile

Sophie Ukleba
Head of Operations, New Life Global
View Profile

Tracy Horan
Irish Surrogacy Lawyer
View Profile

Family Members Sharing Their Stories

Chantelle Henry
Canadian Surrogate
View Profile

John Thornhill
UK Dad via Canada
View Profile

Laura Hamilton
Laura - Four time Surrogate USA
View Profile

Natia Kharaishvili
Georgian surrogate
View Profile

Paul Riggio
Dad via US Surrogacy
View Profile

Prinal Ruparel
Dad via Georgia
View Profile

Richard & Ronnie Sawyer
Dads via USA
View Profile

Richard Scarlett
Gay dad via US
View Profile

Saidee Samuelson
UK mum via surrogaccy
View Profile

Sara Fehrman
Canadian surrogate
View Profile

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