Meet The Parents – Crossing Borders to Have Kids

For the GLBTI community interested in family building, there is the choice of trying to make things work domestically or looking offshore. The easiest way to decide on a pathway is to meet face-to-face with both professionals and recent parents. In response, Growing Families is returning to its face-to-face seminar format in London and Dublin this October after 15 months of webinars.

Under the current UK framework, domestic arrangements require great trust. While new events such as the Modern Family Show cater nicely to this pathway, it is not well versed on the international landscape. (This Show strangely lists as their International advocate a gay dad who engaged in India and Thailand – options long unavailable to Brits.)

When it comes to international pathways, it is helpful to understand the options and choose one that is right for you. It turns out you don’t need to be Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Rick Martin or Neil Patrick Harris to afford international surrogacy.

But wherever you engage, costs can spiral and the process be fraught with potential traps. Relying on recommendations from the guy you met online or the guy who had a child seven years ago with a budget and timeframe very different to yours is not advisable.

If you are looking at surrogacy, trust is key.  The professionals you entrust with your savings may be screening and caring for your egg donor, your surrogate and your unborn child. Far more than the babysitter your parents paid 10 quid an hour, you need to interview those professionals and seek references from others they have helped.

You can learn more about your options by booking a face-to-face or digital ticket for 2 October:

The charity Growing Families is an information and referral hub for singles and couples hoping to build their family with the help of donor IVF and/or surrogacy.