Surrogacy in Ukraine - What Does the Future Hold?







Over 26 months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine and all commercial flights ceased as Ukraine entered a prolonged war. Growing Families played an integral role in helping evacuate surrogates, newborns and new parents in the early months of the war. This live 60 minute webinar explores the situation two years on.


Thursday, 6 June 2024
5:00 PM AWST (Perth)
8:00 PM AEST (Sydney, Melbourne)
The webinar recording will be available to those registered but unable to attend


Sam Everingham, Growing Families

Sam is the Global Director of Growing Families, a leading expert on donor and surrogacy trends. He has guided over a thousand singles and couples in planning safe and reliable routes to build families through surrogacy and donor IVF. With a background in public health and research, Sam has authored several books and is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars on these topics.

Lidiya Khomenko, Ave!Fertility

Lidiya is the Head of Brand Strategy and Senior Coordinator at Ave!Fertility. Her dual roles enable her to understand and address the evolving needs of couples seeking fertility solutions. Lidiya’s hands-on approach has been especially valuable in managing surrogacy cases during times of war, a challenging yet rewarding part of her work.

Olga Danchenko,

Olga is the Ukraine legal representative on Growing Families International Advisory Board. Her specific practice is legal support of international surrogacy programs in which she has practiced since 2010. With an extensive knowledge of fertility legislation and practice in Ukraine, Olga closely cooperates with local Ukrainian authorities, including Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, State Migration Service of Ukraine, local Registry Offices, notaries and courts.

Anastasia Aleksandrova

Anastasia Aleksandrova collaborates with leading international companies as a surrogacy advisor and developer. Her expertise has been pivotal in expanding the availability of surrogacy services to numerous new destinations.

Co-founder Ave!Fertility


Featuring experts in Ukraine, as well as parents and surrogates, it will address issues such as

10 mins

What has been the fate of Ukraine surrogates, agencies and hopeful parents since war commenced?

We’ll be exploring the impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine on surrogacy. We’ll also cover the current state of surrogacy agencies, the experiences of intended parents, and the circumstances faced by surrogates since the war began.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

20 mins

Surrogacy in Ukraine – The Current Situation

Why have surrogates and agencies returned to Ukraine?
What challenges do they face, offering a deeper understanding of their resilience and choices.
What factors are driving hopeful parents to proceed with surrogacy in a conflict zone?
What innovative solutions are being used to maintain surrogacy processes?
What work-around options are helping ensure the safety of surrogates and intended parents?

Anastasia Alesandrova, Lidiya Khomenko, AVE Fertility, Ukraine

20 mins

Parent Panel

What have foreign parents experiences been like, engaging in Ukraine since the war began?

How hard has it been? What contact have they had with their surrogate & their agency

Ben & Nancy Snell, & other recent parents

10 mins

What Does the Future Hold?

Has the legal situation changed?
What has been the stance of Ukraine and foreign governments to foreigners entering the country?
How do government policies impact surrogacy during times of conflict,
Provides insights into potential legal developments affecting surrogates, agencies, and intended parents.

Olga Danchenko, Surrogacy Lawyer, Ukraine


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Meet Our Expert Speakers

Anastasia Aleksandrova
Co-founder, Ave Fertility Ukraine
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Ben & Nancy Snell
Recent parents via Ukraine
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Ian Trevallion
Donor & Surrogacy Psychologist
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Lidiya Khomenko
Senior Coordinator
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Olga Danchenko
Ukraine Attorney & Advisory Board member
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Sam Everingham
Global Expert & Growing Families Director
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