Love Makes a Family

Love Makes a Family

Surrogacy is a journey that requires careful planning, research, and emotional readiness. For intended parents considering surrogacy in New Zealand or abroad, there are many legal, practical, and emotional factors. By understanding the match-making process, legal and practical considerations in Canada and the US, emotional readiness and resilience, the screening and preparation of egg donors, and the best practices for surrogate matching, intended parents can make informed decisions and embark on their surrogacy journey with confidence.

Events such as Growing Families annual Egg Donor and Surrogacy event, in Auckland on the 10th of June and resources like Love Makes a Family can provide a supportive and informative environment for intended parents, professionals, and IVF experts to collaborate and share knowledge, ultimately making surrogacy a more accessible and fulfilling journey for all.

Tamati Coffey, a Member of Parliament and a gay dad via surrogacy, will be opening the event, and will be discussing how we can fix New Zealand’s surrogacy laws to benefit intended parents. You’ll also hear from lawyer Stewart Dalley on the legal and practical issues around domestic and international surrogacy and egg donation.

New Zealand has a growing community of altruistic surrogates who are willing to help intended parents achieve their dreams of parenthood. Christian Newman, a surrogacy advocate and founder of Love Makes a Family, will be at the upcoming Growing Families New Zealand seminar.  He has created a platform that connects intended parents with surrogate’s in New Zealand. The platform features detailed profiles of surrogates and their families, allowing intended parents to select a match based on their preferences. Christian believes that Love Makes a Family offers a safe and supportive environment for intended parents to find a surrogate who shares their vision of starting a family.

Surrogacy is an emotionally challenging journey, and it is essential for intended parents to be emotionally prepared and resilient. Professional counselling is a critical part of the preparation process for surrogacy and can help to cope with the stresses and uncertainties that will be presented. Helen Nicholson from Repromed will address why counselling is such an important part in the preparation for surrogacy.

These are just a few of the topics that will be covered at the upcoming New Zealand event.

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